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Chapter Unknown Journal

Welcome to the Chapter Unknown Journal. Here is where we dig into the good stuff, and unpack all the little details to help us achieve our goals. We hope that by sharing our stories, and what has and has not worked for us, that we can help you along in your journey. 

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Welcome TO THE

What is perfectionist brain, and do you have it? Have you ever felt like you’re always waiting for something? Like you’re waiting to feel happy, waiting to lose weight, waiting to get a raise, waiting to feel like you’ve earned or deserve the things you want… Just always waiting? It’s so easy to get stuck […]

How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something? If you’re anything like me, its been frequent. I can be an expert at talking myself out of doing things. Even if its something I want to do, I can still talk myself out of it. I kept thinking, there has to be a […]

stop talking yourself out of doing things

What does it take to lose weight and finally be happy? To finally be able to enjoy life to the fullest? To wear whatever I want and do whatever I want and go wherever I want, and feel good about it. I want to meet the guy/woman/person of my dreams and have a beautiful life […]

how I changed my thoughts about food and my body

This past year was a flying shit show. 2020 was bonkers. I had planned on having my preventative mastectomy and diep flap procedure (check out this page where I explain some of this) in the fall of 2020…. But then suddenly, a pandemic. That changed all sorts of plans. It changed how I am preparing […]

how i am preparing for my mastectomy

Before I found thought work, I was running my life scatter brained and feeling like a victim to my past. That I would always be doomed to repeat the same cycle of mistakes over and over again. I didn’t want to live in the self loathing, anxiety ridden bubble I had created for myself. I […]

how this one thing gave me instant confidence

This Weeks Coaching Session Question A lot of us are home right now, and there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding that. Uncertainty can equal anxiety if we let it. Keyword, let. Meaning, we don’t have to let uncertainty equal anxiety or fear about the future. You are still completely capable and in control of […]

coaching session questions: good uncomfortable vs. bad uncomfortable

Okay, so shit is a little bonkers right now. Are you stressin? Are you freaking out? Do you have a tightness in your chest and a pit in your stomach? Or are you over there just cool as a cucumber, hanging out with Netflix and your pets? Are your kids one step away from becoming […]

how to get out of a fight or flight mindset

Identifying your why is one of the most important things to do. Giving yourself a real reason you can stick behind when it gets really hard, will save you. You can learn how to stay motivated by using your why. For this, you will have to dig deep. You wont find it on the surface. […]

how to stay motivated using your why

There’s this major thing that I struggled with for a long time. Losing myself in what I think other people want me to be. This is why you should stop trying to fit in. From a young age all I ever wanted was to fit in. I would act and be and feel like what […]

this is why your should stop trying to fit in

Let’s talk about what you should really know about your self narrative. What exactly is it, and why is it important? To break it down in its simplest form, the self narrative is the way that we speak to ourselves. It may not sound that important, but oh man it is. Your self narrative is […]