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Chapter Unknown Journal

Welcome to the Chapter Unknown Journal. Here is where we dig into the good stuff, and unpack all the little details to help us achieve our goals. We hope that by sharing our stories, and what has and has not worked for us, that we can help you along in your journey. 

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Welcome TO THE

Y’all I have a confession to make. I have a major sweet tooth. I am always lookin for something sweet after a meal, and anywhere in between. A lil chocolate here, a baked good there, and the next thing you know, you basically need a dealer for sugar. I found myself almost being held prisoner […]

the no sweets challenge

Y’all, I have a confession to make. This one thing has been the hardest for me to accomplish. Right now thinking. I am super guilty of future thinking. It has been one of the hardest things for me to break out of, but it is so necessary. Getting caught up in future thinking is really […]

this one thing has been the hardest for me to accomplish

I bought my first house back in the summer, and all I can do is sit around and daydream about all the things I want to do to it. I have a bit of an obsession with DIY’ing and home projects. Its deep in me y’all. My house is older, built in ’56, and the […]

DIY Painted schoolhouse light

I bought my first house this past summer, and I have been having so much fun doing ALL the DIY’s. I was never really able to before, as a renter, and now it feels amazing to stretch my DIY wings. There were several upgrades that the flipper made to my house, but it still needs […]

    How it Starts How often are you sitting somewhere; work, at home, a party, dinner with friends, and you feel your resolve waning? You feel the little voice in the back of your head start to creep in, and get louder and louder, until its the only thing that you hear. It tells […]

I have a major sweet tooth. I come from a family where dessert is never a question of if, but what. Unfortunately dessert is not always friendly to the waistline. I found this recipe on The Sugar Free Diva and was practically giddy. Only three ingredients, and its South Beach Diet Friendly? Sign. Me. Up. […]

How Being Uncomfortable Pushes You to Grow It took so long for me to recognize the feeling of being uncomfortable. I know that sounds dumb. And I don’t mean that I didn’t know what the feeling felt like, but more so that as it came I would immediately retreat into an action or behavior that […]

push yourself to grow