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How This One Thing Gave Me Instant Confidence

December 16, 2020

Before I found thought work, I was running my life scatter brained and feeling like a victim to my past. That I would always be doomed to repeat the same cycle of mistakes over and over again. I didn’t want to live in the self loathing, anxiety ridden bubble I had created for myself. I knew there were better things for me, but I couldn’t grasp how to get there. It seemed like having what I wanted in life, and living with confidence and self love, would always be *just* out of reach for me. I thought to myself, I guess I’ll always be tragic.

how this one thing gave me instant confidence

A few years ago I started therapy. I started doing the work, and after about a year or so, I started making some great headway. Finding myself in a good place, I felt prepared to stand on my own without therapy. I managed for a hot minute but then fell flat on my face. I felt hopeless again. Like I was back to square one. What the fuck do I do now?

When I found the world of life coaching and thought work, the clouds parted and angels sang. It made so much sense. It clicked for me. My mind was blown at the fact that your thoughts created your feelings which led to your actions, and that I am actually the one in control of it! That you can choose and change your thoughts. You can choose what you actually believe, meaning you don’t have to believe every thought that runs through your brain. Your feelings are then a product of your thoughts, not the other way around. I know. Crazy, right? I instantly gained more confidence.

Goodbye obsessive thought loops. Goodbye unmanageable stress. Goodbye feeling helpless. Goodbye body shaming and “I’m worthless” thoughts.

Hello freedom. The freedom to choose what you think and feel. To no longer be a slave to my self loathing thoughts. To unsubscribe from perfectionist thinking. To delete the thoughts that don’t serve me and create new ones that do.

You are in control of it all. You can have these same freedoms. Your feelings don’t have to run the show because you will know how to control and manage them. You are holding all the cards you need.

Tell me one thought or feeling that you would like to change. Comment below or shoot me an email ( and lets chat it out!

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