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How To Get Out Of A Fight Or Flight Mindset

March 25, 2020

Okay, so shit is a little bonkers right now. Are you stressin? Are you freaking out? Do you have a tightness in your chest and a pit in your stomach? Or are you over there just cool as a cucumber, hanging out with Netflix and your pets? Are your kids one step away from becoming feral? One thing is for sure, we are all facing the same scary and stressful situation. I think that in and of itself can be comforting. You are not alone. So, let’s work on how to get out of a fight or flight mindset.

During all of this I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I could help. I am not a person who panics or focuses on the doom and gloom of things (thanks Dad!), and I thought, how can I pass that on to others? So, for you my friend, I decided to put together a resource to help you get out of that fight or flight panic mode.

This worksheet will help you work through the turmoil you might be feeling in your brain, and give you some peace and clarity. I know we could all use a little more of that in our lives right now. The best thing is, this can be used even in times that are not in crisis. When a situation arises that you need a little help getting your thoughts back on track and away from the fear monger, this will help.

how to get out of a fight or flight mindset

Click the image above to get your hands on the free worksheet to help you get out of panic mode. It will also have more detail on how to utilize this worksheet. Even if you’re not feeling the panic, this is a great tool to help you maintain sight of the important stuff. Let me know how it goes! Shoot me an email or comment, and let’s chat!

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