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Reset Your Brain With Just Six Steps (Freebie Included!)

October 1, 2019

    How it Starts

How often are you sitting somewhere; work, at home, a party, dinner with friends, and you feel your resolve waning? You feel the little voice in the back of your head start to creep in, and get louder and louder, until its the only thing that you hear. It tells you, just have the thing, you will feel so much better when you have it. It will feel good to be a part of what everyone else is doing, and you’re the only one not joining in. Then you partake in the thing. Weather it be drinking the margarita, eating the food, or engaging in a behavior that you are trying to take a step back from.  As soon as you do, that little voice is saying, I can’t believe you just did that. You are worthless and will never accomplish your goals. Then we are indulging heavily trying to drown out the voice and telling ourselves, well you already fucked up, you might as well just go all in for the rest of the day and start fresh tomorrow. (This is where we will work on resetting your brain with just six steps, to achieve those goals you have been after)

reset your brain with just six steps

    The Struggle

But then tomorrow comes and we find it just a little harder to get back on track after the slip up the day before. Maybe you find yourself warring on the inside with that little voice saying, well you messed up yesterday, so you might as well enjoy yourself for today too. The hard part is having all of the uncomfortable thoughts, of feeling like a failure because you messed up once, or twelve times. In that moment, it can be hard not to admit defeat. Its the hardest to say, yes I messed up. I gave in. But, I do not give up.

Its exhausting to have that constant war going on inside yourself, and feel like you will never make it to the other side in one piece. When our brains are wired to always try to talk us out of feeling uncomfortable, its amazing that we can ever grow. So what needs to happen when the wiring of our brains is getting in our way? We need to reset it with just six steps.

    The Resetting 

But like, how do we do that? I know, that sounds really complicated, but it can actually be a pretty simple process. The key, like most things, is consistency. If you can do something consistently for a period of time, it will become second nature. A tool that I have developed and used to help myself to rewire my mindset so that I can get rid of thought sequences that are no longer serving me or my goals, is writing prompts. Now, I’m an old fashioned believer in putting some pen to paper and just going to town, but I realize that that is not everyone’s preferred method. Plus, you may not always be in a position where you can break out the notepad and pen to jot these things down. So even if you put a note in your phone, or just close your eyes and answer the writing prompt questions in your mind, in that moment your brain will start to be trained to think differently in the face of uncomfortableness. And that’s the goal. Well, its the goal to get us to our other goals. The whole chicken and egg thing.

Download the writing prompts by clicking below, and this is what you will practice when you are in a moment of weakness or self doubt. It seems almost too easy, but this is the foundation to rewire your mindset. These are the six steps to reset the brain.

reset your brain with just six steps

I know it seems like resetting your brain in just six steps seems easy, and guess what, it can be. Often times we think that if we aren’t doing something that is so crazy hard, then it must not be worth doing. This is a total lie most of the time. It is so frequently the simplest things that will help us achieve our goals, but we as humans do not like to accept the uncomplicated. If its not complicated, then we will find a way to make it so. Lets stop doing that. How about we make things easy on ourselves, and feel good about the fact that you will be achieving your goals while utilizing the simplest of tools.

Now, it all seems so simple when you’re writing it down and thinking, its not hard to drink the right amount of water each day. Except, we don’t always reach our goal, do we? Even the easiest of tasks can be tough to accomplish if we are not mindful about them. This is essentially what the writing prompts are for. It helps to check back in with yourself and get your self talk narrative back on track, which in turn will rewire your mindset. If all the self talk is negative, we would never get it done. And I am betting, that if you are struggling with your weight loss, or accomplishing any goal, there is plenty of negative self talk.

So take a beat, check back in with yourself, reset the narrative, and start fresh in the moment. That’s how we reset or brains in just six steps.

What is one thing you can do to recommit to your long term goal?


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