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This One Thing Has Been The Hardest To Accomplish For Me

January 17, 2020

Y’all, I have a confession to make. This one thing has been the hardest for me to accomplish. Right now thinking. I am super guilty of future thinking. It has been one of the hardest things for me to break out of, but it is so necessary. Getting caught up in future thinking is really easy to do and the majority of us are guilty of it. So what is future thinking vs. right now thinking, and how can you end the cycle? Let’s work it out.

this one thing has been the hardest for me to accomplish

“I’ll start Monday.” That is future thinking in it’s simplest form. I think one of the easiest topics to relate this to is dieting, so let’s start there. How many times have you been faced with a choice to either eat the piece of cake or say no, and in the moment you tell yourself, diet starts Monday, so what the hell. Instead of committing to your ultimate goal with the building block of choices, you are actively not working towards your goal. It may not seem that way since we are talking about one small choice here. But what do you think adds up over time? Those little choices.

Tomorrow would be a better day to start this. Does tomorrow ever really come? The longer we push things off the more likely it becomes that we will never do it. Now I am not talking about, I didn’t have time to do this today so I will have to get to it tomorrow. That’s not it. I am talking about making the choice to commit to a goal in the now. It does not mean that will be something you’ll accomplish immediately. Goals are often long term.

What does it look like to commit to a goal in the now? It means choosing not to eat that piece of cake, it means taking that class, it means saving that money. There are tons of little steps that we can take to move ourselves forward. I know that it seems like that wont be enough . That the little choice you are making right now doesn’t reach that far into the future. But guess what? You guessed it, it does. For me it has always been easy to get lost in the thinking that the one choice I make here in the now doesn’t mean that I am not going to get to my goal.

But what happens when we are making those choices every day? A week, a month, a year goes by, and all those little choices that we could have made to commit to our goal in the now, we left to the future. Well the future came, and where are we? Did we achieve our goal? It’s pretty hard to make progress when we are always trading in delayed gratification for instant gratification. Long term success doesn’t look like instant gratification. It looks like daily commitment and re-commitment, which sometimes means missing out on something you reaaaally want right TF now. But is it worth it to keep committing? Hell fucking yes.

Tell me one thing you can do today, to move your needle forward.

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