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The Biggest Secret To Living In The Present

January 15, 2020

What does it mean to be living in the present? Would you be able to recognize the moments where you’re letting past you make decisions for current you? It can be tricky since we often don’t even realize that our past choices and behaviors can still play a large roll in our present life if we aren’t managing the process of stepping out and in. And what does that even mean? It’s the biggest secret to living in the present.

the biggest secret to living in the present

Have you ever felt a surge of guilt for something that you did or that happened to you in your past, and because of that guilt you find yourself downplaying on the things that you really want to do? Been there, sister. We can feel indebted to pay for our mistakes for the rest of our lives, as tribute to the better person that we surely are now. I want to let you in on a little secret. The only thing that keeps you tied to your past problems or mistakes, is you continuing to hit the repeat button. By not continuing the cycle of mistakes you have already made, then there is no reason to continue to pay for them. Ease up on guilt tripping yourself and start focusing on where you’re going from here.

Who are you really serving by keeping yourself from stepping out, because you feel like you don’t deserve it? No one. Your past poor choices don’t get to keep hold over your life forever, nor does a bad experience that happened to you. If you are still experiencing those guilt feelings from past happenings, my guess is that the emotions surrounding it have never been dealt with. Pushing it down and saying, yeah that happened oh well I’ll be fine, doesn’t work. It’s putting a band aid on a bullet wound.

The first part of stepping out of past traumas, is working through those emotions surrounding it. If they are ignored, they will absolutely haunt you. They will keep you prisoner in that merry go round of guilt, fear, and shame. You deserve so much more than that. You deserve to face those feelings head on, so that when it’s truly time to step out of that trauma, you’re ready. Now that we’re stepping out of the trauma, it’s time to step in.

This part is even scarier than the stepping out part. Facing our emotions, dealing with them, and moving on from them is a freeing process. Leaving the familiar, even a painful or difficult familiar, is uncomfortable. Living in the present is uncomfortable. It’s facing the unknown. It takes guts to have dreams and wishes and hope for the future, with a heaping side of tolerance. Stepping into what you want without the guilt and apologies will feel extremely uncomfortable. Get used to it. That zone of being uncomfortable is where the magic happens.

So we are stepping out of our past and into our present. Do you always have to be who you have always been? Absolutely not. Do not let what has happened in the past, continue to happen in your present. You have so much more to offer than who you used to be.

Tell me, what are you still holding onto that is affecting your present choices? How can you make living in the present work for you?

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