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My Resources To Help You Get Realigned With Your Goals

March 2, 2020

I know we all get into a funk once in a while. But are you like me and struggle sometimes to pull yourself out of that funk? Then suddenly you look up and a whole month has gone by. You have made no progress towards your goals, or have fallen back into old habits. I feel you. The other day, as I was getting sick of my own shit and was like, okay, let’s get it together. I decided to go back to basics and remind myself of why I am cultivating good daily habits to build my confidence and work toward my goals. What I have for you today are my resources to get realigned with your goals.

My Resources to help you get realigned with your goals

My first go to are my trusty podcasts. I have a few favorites that I rotate between, and I have a running note in my phone that lists my favorite episodes from various shows. If you like listening to podcasts, I highly recommend you keep a list of your favorite episodes somewhere, for times like this.

Turning inward to evaluate where your head is at, and where your downfalls are happening, is vital (obvi). If I’ve trailed off in my journaling, or maybe just gotten a little sloppy with it, I get diligent about it again. I go back to my writing prompts, recording details, times, plans, everything. This really helps me to see what I’ve been slacking on and where I need to improve.

Generally for me, when I’ve fallen off with one thing, the rest is sure to follow. My skincare routine? Gone. Eating healthy? HA. Getting some good sleep? What’s that? These are some pretty telltale signs of shit going awry. I am really working on cutting down the amount of time it takes me to recognize and then recover my routines and good habits, when they’ve started to slip. Like anything else, practice makes progress.

So, just for you, I am listing my resources to help you get realigned with your goals, and check in with yourself. Some of my fave podcast episodes are:

The Life Coach School Podcast, episodes 88, 102, and 103.

The Goal Digger Podcast, episodes 257, 335, and 40

Rise Podcast, episodes 116, 130, and 106

UnF*ck your Brain Podcast, episodes 36, 90, 62

There are tons of podcasts out there, so do a little digging and find something that makes you laugh and that makes you grow. You can also take it back to the basics with these CU articles, How To Make Better Decisions, and Reset Your Brain With Just Six Steps.

I love using a good planner and putting pen to paper is so therapeutic to me. I’ve used all kinds from regular lined journals, life planners, habit tracking planners, goal building planners, high performance planners, etc. I have yet to find one that exactly encompasses everything I am wanting to do, but it gives me an excuse to keep buying planners, so.

Get back to your self care. If we aren’t feeling good about ourselves, it definitely doesn’t give us the inner confidence to achieve our goals. Do your skincare routine, take a long shower, get up earlier in the morning to read and drink a cup of tea… Whatever it looks like for you. Personally I feel great when I get up a little earlier, do a chore in the morning, have a cup of tea, read a chapter in whatever book I’m currently reading, and journal. That sounds like a lot, but when you break it all down each of those things don’t actually take up that much time.

My fave skincare products thus far are from Glossier (not a paid post, I just really love their stuff). I use their moisturizers and serums and feel like a glowy goddess when I do it consistently. Did you hear that? Consistently. It’s the only way that will build your days the way you want to live them. I love a good energy tea and currently drink a vanilla spice energy booster in the morning, and also drink a sleepy time tea in the evening. Super relaxing.

The last thing: get. Silly. Let loose. Have fun. Turn the radio up and roll down the windows. I have a sunroof in my car and I absolutely love opening it and jamming out to super loud music while my hair is going everywhere. It just makes me happy. It feels refreshing. Find some little detail in your day that just puts a smile on your face and makes you yell, hell yeah!

Overall, it’s getting back to basics folks. Breaking down our behaviors and practicing those good habits. Do you have any go to resources to get yourself back on track? Tell me below!

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