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Reasons Why Thought Work May Not Be Working For You

February 5, 2020

Do you ever have those moments when you have a realization about something that seems so obvious that you’re like, how did I not see this before? I know I can’t be the only one. Please don’t let me be the only one. There are a few reasons why thought work may not be working for you, but fear not. It’s one of those “obvious” things.

reasons why thought work may not be working for you

Like most things, when we stop practicing them, our skill level goes down. Your thoughts aren’t any different. Here’s the thing with thought work. Once you have identified a thought that needs to change, you have to then replace it with a different thought. The thought that you want to change: That cloud is pink (apparently you’ve got the good drugs). The thought you want to replace it with: That cloud is white.

Guess what, the only thing that makes your thoughts real, is whether or not you believe them. I know, eye opening right? That’s what makes them so powerful. Like, it’s easy to think, well I thought it there for it’s real. No. You thought it, and can choose to believe it or not believe it. For me it was pretty amazing when I realized I indeed have the power over my thoughts and feelings. That just because I have the thought does not mean it is real, or that I have to follow that thought.

Back to the clouds. So you’ve identified the thought you want to change, you’ve come up with a replacement thought, and then you use that replacement thought. Any time that you want to tell yourself that cloud is pink, you actively choose to redirect to the thought of, that cloud is white. Eventually, depending on how often you are actively doing this, the replacement thought will become the regular thought. No more pink clouds.

As time goes on, you think, hey I’m pretty awesome, I nailed this replacement thought. Then, you ease off of actively choosing your thoughts. This thought work is garbage, you say. The replacement thought isn’t working any more, and I am back to pink clouds.

Why did the replacement thought stop working? Because you stopped working on it. Tough love, my friend. It’s not the thoughts fault you aren’t using it. Like any other muscle, if you don’t use it, it will atrophy. Even when the thought becomes more natural, you still need to remind yourself now and then why you are choosing that replacement thought.

The reasons why thought work may not be working for you are actually pretty simple, you see. Giving power to the wrong thoughts, and not practicing the replacement thoughts, are the culprits.

Tell me a thought you are going to be working on replacing?

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