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I Bought a House! And now what?

July 11, 2019

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Y’all, I bought a house! My first house to be exact. I’ve been a renter for the whole of my adulthood thus far, and now, I own this little cutie with oh so much potential. Its on the smaller side at right around 1,000 square feet, and I am in deep love with this place. It sits on a large lot so there is tons of room to be able to add on down the road, and still have a sizable yard. Win win. Its been semi updated with some new tile back splash, floors, hardware, and a deck out back. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head about what I am going to do to make this place my own, I can barely contain myself. But first things first… taking care of the things that need to be taken care of. My newest mantra about owning this house is, “I can’t buy anything that I want to buy because I gotta buy the things I have to buy.”


Booooo adulthood and responsibility. I am so tired of it. Anyone else?



The process of buying this house was exhausting. It took my soul to a dark place. It made me never want to answer my phone. I had no idea exactly how involved it would all be. I mean sure, complicated and crazy, but the amount detail I had to shell out about my life… It was insane. You mean I have to prove where my money comes from? What does that even mean? I go to work and I get paid. But you don’t want to just take my money? I am trying to give you all of my money, why wont you let me? It. Was. Cray. But I had an awesome team on my side and could not have been any luckier to have an agent and lender working super hard for me. If you do not like the realtor or lender you are working with, find a new one. There’s no reason you need to go through the insanely complicated process with people you don’t jive with. Move. On. I closed on the house in the beginning of June, and here it is July. One month fully in the new house, and being a new home owner. Let me tell you. This shit is not for the faint of heart.


I went to open one of the kitchen drawers, and the whole drawer front came off in my hand. Like, came off the drawer. There’s just this whole where you can see kitchen utensils, but not a drawer front with a handle, because oh that’s right, it came off. My immediate thought was, I’ll call the landlord. Second thought was, shit, I am the landlord. At least its small potatoes. Please lord baby jesus don’t let something that actually matters go wrong. I need to get my homeowner wings on straight before I can deal with something serious.


It took me almost the whole month to get every last thing unpacked and in its place. I got rid of so much stuff. It felt amazing to purge. I don’t have a garage at this place, but I do have a small shed in the backyard. So anything that was outdoors stuff was going to have to go in there. Aside from the two bedrooms there is a back room that will be utilized as a guest room/game room hybrid, so there isn’t a ton of extra space (remember the square footage number?). I made it my mission to make sure the things that I kept all had a place to go, and were still things that I actually used regularly. If it didn’t have a place to go, it was good bye to all the Felicia’s. It was a huge weight lifted to know that the things that I kept all had a place in the house, are still used regularly, and that closets weren’t going to be a booby trap when the door was opened.


Being the styling fiend that I am, I of course immediately set to work on putting things up on the walls, and furniture in its place. It is cozy AF up in my dining nook. A little trick I learned in order to beat buyers remorse (if that’s something you’re worried about), is to make one of the rooms your own right away. Any room, your bedroom, the living room, the kitchen…. Just pick a space and get it set up exactly how you want it. It will make your new surroundings start to feel like home, sooner. I was a tad worried I would get bogged down in thinking about the other houses I will have missed out on, and how I liked this thing or that thing about each of the different houses I was looking at, and omg did I make the right choice. Even though I love the house I am in, it’s easy to get lost in wondering if you made the right choice.



Here I am, a month later with no major melt downs, break downs, or regret. Just excitement for what is to come with this little house of mine.


Are you a homeowner? What was the process like for you? Let me know in the comments, or email me!



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