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Are you great at setting goals but not so great at achieving them?

You are totally not alone! Setting goals is the easy part. But achieving them... That's a different story. Here's the thing, it's not you, it's your thoughts. and your habits. you can't run a smooth ship without the proper systems.

The mini workbook is the tool that is going to help you make those dreams a reality. 

This digital download that you print off yourself has:

> Guided yearly goal setting

> Monthly goal setting

> Weekly calendar for planning and weekly goals

> Daily Calendar to plan your day and space to do thought work

> Journal page with prompt and thought framework

> Brain dump page

> Notes Page

> Habit tracker

> and a note from me

When January rolls around, do you make resolutions, stick with them for the first month, maybe two, and then your "willpower" is nowhere to be found? It's all too familiar babe. What if this year, you made goals, and then developed the right systems to actually achieve them? HELL yeah, am I right? 

This mini workbook is one of a kind. It's your planner, your journal, your habit tracker, your thought work development, and your goal planner, all in ONE place. You no longer need multiple journals to keep track of everything.

The mini workbook breaks down your goals and teaches you how to change your thoughts and your habits, to get you exactly where you wanna go. The secret to achieving your goals, is having great systems. Having great systems, begins with your thoughts.

And since you print this digital download yourself, you truly have the ability to customize it and make it your own!

Once your payment has gone through, come back to this page, input your email below, and the mini workbook download will be sent to you! (it won't send if payment hasn't been made)

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