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Becoming UNperfect You

Lean into the possibilities of becoming unperfectly you.

Do you feel like your struggle with body image and confidence is holding you back in other areas of your life? Then you're in the right place! In this program, I teach you to untie your worth and value as a person from your appearance, allowing you to heal your relationship with yourself, and accomplish those big and wild goals and dreams you have tucked away, because you think they're always going to be juuust out of reach. 

Let's do a little exercise together. Close your eyes and picture yourself. Picture your body in your favorite outfit, and how your body moves. What do you see? Do you picture your body as it is now? Or do you picture yourself in a body that you consider to be your ideal or goal body?  ARE YOU WEARING AN OUTFIT THAT YOU LOVE ON YOUR BODY as it is NOW, OR ARE YOU WEARING A "GOAL" OUTFIT?

If you picture yourself in your minds eye with a different body than you currently have, that's diet culture ruling your inner compass, my friend. 

I know your mind might be a little blown right now, and maybe you're feeling a little angry. Angry that diet culture has ruled your life for so long, or stolen your happiness, or that you feel like you "let" it take control over you. What do you do now? Where do you go from here? 

Here's the deal. Succumbing to diet culture is not your fault. We are socialized from a very young age to believe that you are more worthy of respect, love, being accomplished, or confident, if you are thin. 

Now that you know about this thing called diet culture, that has sneakily infiltrated your every thought, you can shut that shit down. Becuase you deserve so much more out of life, than thinking that you don't deserve to achieve your dreams and goals, because you have back rolls or cellulite. 

Let's chat a bit about what life can look like after Becoming UNperfectly you academy

The urge to use an external means of coping comes up less, and if it does, you are equipped with the tools to deal with it. (ie: using food to avoid emotions) 

There's no longer a sense of fear or dread that the things you want out of life just aren't meant for you or aren't achievable.

The freedom to feel confident and love your body as it is, without losing weight. (if you don't want to lose weight)

But if you decide you do want to lose weight, you will have the tools necessary to do so without losing yourself in the process.

no longer feel restricted or deprived because you know exactly how to handle yourself around food. 

overall, a healed relationship with yourself, so you can not only feel good in your skin (with or without weight loss), you can smash the biggest and wildest of your dreams. 

Feel at peace with yourself. No more internal warring about weight you want to lose, keeping the weight off, or how your body looks. 

full trust in yourself around food and food situations, knowing that you have a full arsenal of tools in that newly remodeled brain of yours.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "things would really fall into place for me if I could just lose some weight. I really can't have the life I want until my body looks this certain way, or I lose this X number of pounds. Then my life would really be so much better..."

Think about it for a sec. If you were able to focus the energy you spend thinking about food and your weight on something else, what would you be able to accomplish?

 Could you show up fully at work and crush that promotion? Could you show up in your relationships the way you really want to? Would you have the energy to be the parent you really want to be? Go after those hobbies you've been putting on the back burner? Travel more?

The options become limitless when you shed the weight (mentally and physically) that has been exhausting you for so long. 

You can actually have it all. You don't have to choose. 
But if you want something you've never gotten, you're gonna have to do something you've never done.

I know you're passionate. And I know you're tired. Imagine what it would be like to experience your world without the heaviness of being at war with yourself.

What you want matters. Whether you want to lose weight, learn to keep weight off you've already lost, or have the confidence to wear whatever the hell you want, it matters. No goal is too small or too big. And you are worthy of it all.

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